Join the Roller-coaster Ride

Laying Ghosts is a 60-minute adrenalin rush. But it’s much more. It’s your chance to slip into the skin of Selkie Moon and join the ride!


What would you do if you got a text message from a long lost friend in trouble? Drop everything and help her, even if it meant revisiting the scene of an unspeakable weekend from the past? The weekend that ended your friendship?


Help me at Crystal Cottage, Rina.


There’s something spooky about these words, but Selkie is about to begin a journey, the roller-coaster ride of her life, taking you with her.
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A chillingly creepy short tale … with some surprising twists. King’s writing is vivid and really draws a reader in. Heather Reviews Book Blog

Hugely entertaining, creepy and quite disturbing at times … I found the sexual elements quite shocking but completely appropriate Linda’s Book Bag