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A BRAG Medallion for "The First Lie"

The Book Readers Appreciation Group is an independent group that reviews self-published books, looking for those that have a high standard in writing, plotting, characterisation, editing and cover design.  With so many “indie” books being published it’s never been easier to put a book up for sale without meeting the rigorous standards of traditional publishing houses.  IndieBRAG seeks to find quality self-published books and promote them.

You can find “The First Lie” on their homepage: If you’d like to buy “The First Lie” for yourself or gift it to a friend, click on the cover and go through to the book’s own page, from where you can buy it.

You can support other indie authors by subscribing to the indieBRAG newsletter and browsing for other indie books on the site.  You can also like their Facebook page here:

Many thanks to indieBRAG for what they do.  It’s hard to put out a self-published book of a high standard and indieBRAG’s acknowledgement of such books is very encouraging for authors like me.