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Five Great Reasons to Give E-books this Christmas

1. You can purchase e-books at the last minute and they’ll still arrive in time for Christmas.

2. You can send e-books to friends and family all over the world without the need for gift-wrapping and postage.

3. The recipient receives an attractive e-card with your personal message and details of how they can receive your gift.  If they don’t have a Kindle, it’s easy to download the free app to their device (desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone), then to download the gifted books.

4. You can choose the books you’d like to gift but the recipient has the option of making a different choice.  In this way the gift is like a voucher but more personal because you’ve recommended new books with the recipient in mind.

5. Because of the low price of e-books your budget goes further.  Instead of one title you can gift four or more for the same amount of money.  Why not surprise the recipient by sending one book per day for the four days before Christmas?

Note: You can gift books from the US Kindle store.

Buy The First Lie as a Gift

If you know someone who’d enjoy an award-winning psychological mystery/thriller with a touch of mythology and humour, consider gifting them The First Lie by Virginia King this Christmas.  The book has received a BRAG Medallion for excellence and over twenty **** and ***** reviews.  It has the added bonus of being the first of a series, creating more gift opportunities in the future.

Buy or gift The First Lie here:

Amazon US

Buy the The First Lie here:

Amazon UK

Amazon Aus