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Help me write a story


To date, the Selkie Moon Series consists of one prequel, Laying Ghosts, and four novels starting with The First Lie. The books follow Selkie’s mysterious and mystical journey of self-discovery around the world.
Now I’m recruiting my fans to help me write a second prequel, exploring events that happen between Laying Ghosts and The First Lie.


When I write, I never know where the story is going. I just follow ideas and see where they take me. Why not join me on this adventure and experience how this works from the inside?
The starting idea: Selkie Moon has just arrived in Hawaii to start a new life after a harrowing experience in Australia. She rents a small office in Honolulu and meets Derek, freelance writer and ghost-story hunter.


What if Derek takes her with him to investigate a local ghost story?


What if things get a little too surreal?


The steps in the process will look like this:
  1. I write a scene to start the story.
  2. I create a shortlist of directions that the next scene could take.
  3. After receiving the scene and the shortlist, readers vote on the direction the story should take.
  4. Based on the winning direction, I write the next scene.
  5. Repeat Steps 2 – 4 until we decide that the story is finished.
  6. The growing story will be posted on a secret page on this website, so that readers can return to the story or join the writing process at any time.  
  7. Choose a title, engage an editor, create a cover and … publish.
Are you interested in taking part? I’d love to invite you to join me on this writing adventure!


If you’d like participate CLICK HERE to register your interest.